20 Great Street Style Outfits for the Last Days of Summer

As the summer draws to a close we all should be enjoying in the last weeks of summer. With summer quickly coming to an end we can begin to throw in some autumn colors into our outfits. From the f …

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Dress for Success: 20 Office Outfit Inspirations

Anyone who owns a power outfit knows that the right clothes can be a big confidence booster. For women the work arena presents a unique set of challenges. To look professional whilst retaining …

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20 The Most Creative DIY Summer Projects

We believe that all the girls have a lot of old clothes and they don’t know where to put them . For that reason we select the most creative and of course the most easy summer projects for make. …

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19 Urban Living Room Design Ideas in Industrial Style

Industrial living room usually consist of high ceilings, exposed walls and flooring. To achieve industrial look in your living room you can add a little of area carpets, pillows and mismatched …

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22 Elegant Outfit Ideas For The Summer

Today we made the most Elegant woman outfit for this summer. Actually we made mix from super fancy ideas like a crop-top, jumpsuit, wide pants, mini/midi and long skirt, lace outfit, total black …

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23 Totally Chic Combinations For You

Today we prepared totally chic summer combinations only for you so, we select the best piece of clothes in the fashion world presented by the fashion Bloggers. Dressing street chic isn’t as hard …

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17 Amazing Covered Deck Design Ideas To Inspire You

Everyone needs a deck – a place covered with wooden planks, kind of a terrace somewhere in your garden. Decks conjure up a romantic notion of relaxation and serenity… and for good reason.  The fac …

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Summer Love: 20 Amazing Ideas to Inspire Your Date Outfit

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19 Lovely Outdoor Table Settings Ideas for Small Summer Party

Whether it’s an acre of tree-lined land or a tiny balcony in the city, outdoor spaces often rank at the top of a home’s best features. So if you love spending your time outdoor, having fun with yo …

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18 Must-Try Refreshing Summer Cocktails

This summer instead of relying on the same old drinks to cool you off, why not mix it up with one of these easy-to-make refreshing cocktails.  There are dozens of refreshing summer cocktails that …

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